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Celebrating Dresden's Frauenkirche

October 28, 2005

Destroyed during the final months of World War II, Dresden's Church of Our Lady has been rebuilt to its former glory during the past decade, serving as a symbol of reconciliation in reunited Germany.

The city's resurrected landmarkImage: dpa - Bildfunk

"A magnificent new building."

That's what one Dresden visitor called the Frauenkirche shortly after its completion in 1743. More than two and a half centuries later and 60 years after the church's destruction, the city will celebrate its resurrection with a consecration service on Sunday.

After more than a decade of construction and millions of euros in private donations, the "stone bell" once again towers over the city's skyline.

Read more about the church's storied past, present and future in this DW-WORLD dossier.

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