Cape Town′s greener grocer | Global Ideas | DW | 07.09.2010
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Global Ideas

Cape Town's greener grocer

By switching to natural freezer coolants, supermarkets in South Africa are saving costs and energy.

Project goal: Introduction of natural coolants in supermarket refrigeration systems, setting a precedent for other supermarkets in sub-Saharan Africa

Project scale: So far, two supermarkets in South Africa have made the switch

Investment: 1,600,000 Euro ($2,063,721.43) for two


CO2 Savings: Approximately 125 tonnes per year per supermarket

Supermarkets need refrigerators and freezers, and these rely on chemical coolants that damage the ozone layer and environment. But a South African supermarket chain is switching to less damaging natural options, such as carbon dioxide, saving energy and costs.

A film by Michael Wetzel

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Green supermarkets in South Africa

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