Campino on the trail of punk (1) | Documentary & Report: Watch DW-videos online for free | DW | 01.12.2016
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Documentary & Report

Campino on the trail of punk (1)

Campino, frontman of the German band "Die Toten Hosen," takes a look back at the history of punk.

Back in the 1960s the British establishment looked on in horror as Beatlemania swept the nation. They feared a social revolution and the loss of established values. But then a decade later something worse came along: punk!  Punks wanted to shock the 1970s with slogans like No Future and a mix of chaos, sex, drugs and wild music.  And they succeeded in upsetting the social apple cart with their mix of powerful sounds and socio-political statements.  In 1977 punk even managed to upstage the Queen's silver jubilee, conquer the charts and make everything before it seem obsolete. It changed society, the fashion world and the music industry for ever.