British Airways jet makes emergency landing in Vancouver | News | DW | 25.10.2016
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British Airways jet makes emergency landing in Vancouver

A British Airways flight en route to London has been diverted to Vancouver after cabin crew staff became unwell. Around 25 passengers and crew have been sent to hospitals in the area reportedly for smoke inhalation.

A British Airways flight from San Francisco to London was diverted to Vancouver late Monday night after crew members reported feeling unwell, the airline confirmed on Tuesday.

The airline said the 22 crew members and around two passengers have been taken to hospital for medical checks as a precaution.

Canada's CBC News reported that the crew and passengers were suffering from smoke inhalation, citing Laura Kohli, a spokeswoman for Vancouver Coastal Health hospitals.

One source familiar with the incident, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Reuters news agency that there were no smoke inhalation issues.

The Airbus A380 was carrying around 400 passengers, according to CBC. The airline did not say exactly how many people were on board. The plane took off around 7 p.m. (0200 UTC) and landed in Vancouver a few hours later.

British Airways said it is investigating the cause of the incident, but no further information was provided on the nature of the crew's sudden illness.

Hotel accommodation for affected customers was provided by the airline, who promised to book passengers on alternative flights as soon as possible.

rs/rc    (AP, Reuters)