Bosnia-Herzegovina: Uprising of the Unemployed | European Journal | DW | 19.02.2014
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European Journal

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Uprising of the Unemployed

In Bosnia, for the first time is years, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated against their political leadership. They hold it responsible for the high unemployment levels and impoverishment in the country. The protests were sparked when several formerly state-run companies were closed.

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In Tuzla, Sarajevo and Mostar, demonstrators clashed with police. Hundreds of people were injured. Since the end of the Bosnian War nearly 20 years ago, the country has been in political crisis. The reason is the ongoing dispute between the Muslim Bosnians, Orthodox Serbs and Roman Catholic Croats - and a complicated state structure that was supposed to please all ethnicities. Calls for changes to the constitution are growing louder.