Beyond chocolate: The egg in art and design | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 18.04.2019
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Beyond chocolate: The egg in art and design

Easter wouldn't be Easter without eggs. The oval objects also play a role far beyond the culinary, from paintings to architecture and furniture design.

At this time of year, supermarkets are well stocked with enticing candy and chocolate Easter eggs to fill children's Easter baskets.

Delicious, of course, but it's the real eggs that have the health benefits: They are highly nutritious, and they have few calories and fat but plenty of high-quality protein and minerals.

Apart from the food aspect, eggs have been symbols of new life, fertility and rebirth since ancient times.

A chair that looks like an egg (picture-alliance/ Yonggen)

Take a rest from shopping in this egg chair in a square in Chongqin, China

The egg with its perfectly oval shape has featured in many an artist's works throughout the centuries, be it medieval paintings or contemporary steel sculptures. The egg inspired everyday design, too, from cushy lounge and hanging chairs to portable children's high chairs and even lamps.

Click on the gallery to find out more about the egg in art!

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