B.B. King to be buried Saturday, murder accusations dismissed | Music | DW | 28.05.2015
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B.B. King to be buried Saturday, murder accusations dismissed

B.B. King's funeral can take place as planned, following accusations that his death may not have been natural. The investigation has been dismissed and the King of Blues was celebrated ahead of the upcoming burial.

It would have been the perfect mystery in a case reminiscent of Michael Jackson's death - except for the fact that King of Blues was 89 and suffering from diabetes, while the King of Pop was only 50.

B.B. King's daughters earlier this week accused the musician's managers of hastening his death. However, following an autopsy, police have dismissed the accusations. With no questions left open, King's burial can take place as planned.

On Wednesday (27.05.2015), thousands of fans gathered in Memphis, Tennessee despite rainy weather to honor the blues legend, who passed away on May 14 in Las Vegas. A Dixieland jazz band led a musical procession through the city.

Born to sharecroppers in Mississippi, B.B. King went on to become an ambassador of blues music and a household name around the world. He performed actively into his 80s, giving concerts in some 100 countries in his lifetime.

King's body is being taken to Indianola, Mississippi, which he considered his hometown, where a funeral will be held on Saturday.

kbm/ (AP/AFP)

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