Bayern′s Arrogance Irks Bundesliga | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 18.02.2006
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Bayern's Arrogance Irks Bundesliga

Having all but added the German championship to their trophy case, Bayern Munich's domestic matches are little more than distractions in their Champions League quest -- it's a situation other managers aren't happy with.


Some Bundesliga fans are sick of watching Munich celebrate

Facing little in the way of German competition, Bayern Munich coach Felix Magath can practically be excused for seeing his team's match against sixth-placed Hanover as little more than a training exercise three days before Bayern host Champions League opponent AC Milan.

"All the top teams in Europe focus their concentration on the Champions League in the build-up to crucial matches," Magath said on Bayern's Web site, warning fans they may see a less-than-exciting Bundesliga match. "Obviously, my players are mentally gearing up for AC Milan."

Fußball: Pokal der Champions League

The fight for the Champions League is where Bayern meet their real opposition

European teams are Bayern's only competition

But, like the Munich fans who pour into the Allianz Arena for the team's Bundesliga games, even Bayern general manager Uli Hoeness said he wants to see his team perform better at home -- even if it's only to be in the best condition for the European contests.

"We need to rouse ourselves and make more of an effort," he said. "We won't stand a chance against Milan if we play like we did in our last league game."

Even though Bayern are sitting 10 points ahead in the domestic tables with 13 matches left in the season, not everyone in the Bundesliga is willing to simply accept the Bavarian's league dominance.

Bochum Trainer Peter Neururer

Neururer wants to bring some self-confidence back to the rest of the league

Lack of league respect needs to be punished

"Bayern does not have any respect for the league," Hanover coach Peter Neururer said before the match. "And we are going to punish them for it."

Neururer added that his side is full of confidence going into the game. One point away from a UEFA Cup qualification spot, Hanover are currently riding a wave of 10 straight games without a loss and welcoming German national team defender Per Mertesacker back into the lineup after an ankle injury.

Many Bundesliga fans would also enjoy seeing the world's seventh richest team rebuked -- if only to make the league a bit more exciting.

"We need to return the league's self-respect by beating Bayern Munich," Neururer said.

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