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Bavaria's Söder gives away Easter egg showing his face

March 31, 2024

What made Bavarian state premier Markus Söder's giveaway chocolate Easter egg "special," other than its "delicious" smell? That's right, it bore his own visage. His party assured it was not an early April Fools' gag.

Deutschland | Markus Söder | Ministerpräsident von Bayern
Image: Sven Hoppe/dpa/picture alliance

The state premier of Bavaria and leader of the state's Christian Social Union party, Markus Söder, sought to make mouths water with his Easter Sunday video greeting on social media but may have risked raising eyebrows instead. 

The 57-year-old — who's known not to shy away from an unusual photo opportunity, whether it's dressing up elaborately for Carnival, posing in a Christmas sweater, or kissing a stuffed toy panda on his recent trip to China — posted a video of himself with an ornate and elaborately decorated chocolate Easter egg. 

"Hi, it's Easter. I did not find a new Easter sweater, but instead this super Easter egg, a mega chocolate Easter egg. It smells delicious," Söder said.

"But what makes it particularly noteworthy, is that it has had a rather interesting paint job," he said with a theatrical grin.

At this point, Söder gradually rotated the large egg to reveal a reverse side featuring his own portrait. Underneath, at the chocolate base of the egg, "Happy Easter" was written in German. 

Not an early April Fools', just an Easter giveaway, CSU assures

"If you like it and if you find it interesting, then just comment below and we will give it away amongst the commenters," Söder appealed to his followers on both X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram. "It will still be mega fresh in a few days and anyone who likes it could get it. Happy Easter. And again, my super Easter egg." 

For the most part, it's safe to say the unverified online comments in response were as likely to express bemusement or mockery from opponents as they were a more sincere appeal for consideration from supporters for the loosely CSU- and Christian-themed confectionary. 

Markus Söder at part of the Great Wall of China near Beijing, March 27, 2024.
Söder returned from his tour of China just in time for EasterImage: Peter Kneffel/dpa/picture alliance

Users responses ranged from jokes about big eggs, which in German can also be slang for parts of the male anatomy, to accusations of narcissism, questions about tone and appropriateness from the leader of a Christian political party on Easter Sunday, and in one case the direct query: "Why do you do things like this Markus?"

Some users recommended auctioning the egg, as interest mounted, and giving the proceeds to charity. 

German news agency DPA also picked up on the Easter greetings on Sunday and saw fit to check with the CSU whether, as some users speculated, Söder might have launched an April Fools' joke one day early. A party spokesman replied that the egg was intended as a genuine Easter giveaway for followers. 

msh/sms (dpa, X) 

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