Austrian TV Chef Kills, Skins Rabbits as Life Lesson for Teens | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 31.03.2009

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Austrian TV Chef Kills, Skins Rabbits as Life Lesson for Teens

A well-known Austrian TV chef killed and skinned rabbits in front of a group of children to show them how food ends up on the dinner table.

Two rabbits hopping in grass

Wiener wanted to show how rabbits go from being cute and fluffy to savory and delicious

Sarah Wiener has said she likes to be provocative, but it seems that this time the star TV chef may have gone too far.

During the filming of a new series called "Sarah and the Kitchen Kid," Wiener decided to show her child sous-chefs the cooking process - from the very beginning.

In front of the children, aged 12 to 15, Wiener had several rabbits stunned and then killed before asking the youngsters were asked to skin the animals..

Wiener said that it was important for children to learn how their food ends up on the dinner table and to "create some reverence for the process."

But the five teenagers didn't seem too impressed with Wiener's life lesson.

Sidney, 15, said the worst bit was when the rabbit's throat was cut and blood came pouring out.

"It was a horrific sight," he said.

Pablo, 13, was also unenthusiastic and said, "It really hurt me to see this."

But it had also been interesting, he added. And none of the kids opted out of taking a helping of rabbit at the meal served later.

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