Airbus sells more, but Boeing takes delivery crown | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 12.01.2016
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Airbus sells more, but Boeing takes delivery crown

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has reported booming sales for last year on growing demand in Asia and elsewhere. Deliveries picked up too, but didn't match rival Boeing's performance on that count.

Airbus announced Tuesday it had exceeded its full-year targets for 2015, logging a total of 1,036 net orders and delivering 635 jets to airlines and other buyers.

"This commercial and industrial performance unequivocally proves that global demand for our aircraft has remained resilient," CEO Fabrice Bregier said in a statement.

The Toulouse, France-based European plane maker added it had a backlog of 6,787 aircraft worth $996.3 (915 billion euros) at 2015 list prices.

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Airbus an industry heavyweight

Problem child A380

While breaking its previous annual sales records, Airbus delivered fewer planes than its American rival Boeing, which supplied 762 aircraft to global customers last year.

In particular, Boeing had more success selling big-budget, wide-body jets such as its 787. Most of the planes that Airbus sold were from the single-aisle A320 range of jets.

The European giant is still struggling to crank up the sale of its A380 jumbo jets. While securing three orders in 2015, sales chief John Leahy had originally hoped for at least 25 new orders.

hg/cjc (dpa, AP)

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