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After the shooting: Uvalde and gun control

June 18, 2022

After the deadly mass-shooting at an elementary school in the town of Uvalde, the United States remains divided over the “right to bear arms”. For some, it is a fundamental right – for others, a fundamental evil.


The mass-shooting at Robb Elementary School shook the small town of Uvalde, Texas. It left twenty-one people dead, most of them children. As the first of the victims are laid to rest, political divisions are once again emerging across the US. On the one hand, there is a wave of solidarity with the victims' families, coupled with calls for stricter and more effective gun safety laws. On the other hand, there are the staunch defenders of an unrestricted right to bear arms. They believe it is people, not weapons, that cause such tragedies, and they use this argument to block any reform. Examples of these two irreconcilable points of view can even be found in Uvalde itself, just days after the tragic massacre. A report by Carolina Chimoy.

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