AfricaLink on Air - 18 March 2016: 0705 UTC | AfricaLink | DW | 18.03.2016
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AfricaLink on Air - 18 March 2016: 0705 UTC

South Africa's Zuma denies outside influence in his cabinet appointments +++ Preview of Zanzibar election run-off on Sunday +++ Nigeria’s ex-chief of defense staff Alex Badeh in court for diverting $20 million

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South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has denied any outside influence in his choice of cabinet ministers, following claims by deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas, that a wealthy family had offered him a ministerial post.

This Sunday, the people of Tanzania's semi-autonomous state of Zanzibar will be voting in a re-run of presidential elections.

In a bid to counter any resurgence in racism, South Africans have been invited to participate in an anti-racism week. The aim is to strengthen public dialogue about racism, and promote good practices in order to prevent it.

And Nigeria’s retired air chief marshal Alex Badeh is on trial at a federal high court in Abuja, accused of diverting about 20 million dollars for his own use.

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