Afghan policewoman fatally shoots NATO adviser | News | DW | 24.12.2012
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Afghan policewoman fatally shoots NATO adviser

An Afghan policewoman shot dead a NATO adviser inside a police compound on Monday. Officials said it was the first "insider" attack by a woman. The incident raises questions of trust between coalition and Afghan forces.

Afghan police and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said the shooting, which took place inside Kabul's police headquarters, was an "insider attack."

"We are investigating the incident at the moment," Hagan Messer an ISAF spokesman said.

The adviser died as a result of his wounds and the female police officer who allegedly shot him has been detained, Messer added.

An officer at the scene, who declined to be named, told news agency AFP the shooting happened in a courtyard at the heavily guarded headquarters in central Kabul.

"I heard gunshots and then I saw the shooter, a woman wearing a police uniform, running and firing into the air with her pistol," the officer said.

"I ran after her, jumped on her and put my gun to her head and told her not to move. She gave up and I arrested her and I took her weapon."

Monday's incident, is the latest in a series of similar attacks "insider attacks."

Separate attack

In another attack on Monday, the head of a police post in the northern province of Jawzjan shot dead five colleagues after apparently deciding to switch sides.

"He shot dead five of his colleagues and fled and joined the Taliban," provincial police chief Abdul Aziz Ghairat told AFP.

At least 52 members of ISAF have been killed this year by Afghans wearing police or army uniforms.

All NATO combat troops are to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Responsibility for security in the country will then be handed over to 350,000 Afghan soldiers and police officers.

jlw /pfd (AFP, Reuters)

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