About the project: Meeting Europe′s climate heroes | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 06.10.2015
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About the project: Meeting Europe's climate heroes

DW reporters managed the tricky task of low-carbon travel from Berlin to Paris - the location of COP21. Along the way, they got to know climate heroes - regular people taking climate action across Europe.

In mid-July 2015, under the moniker #climateroadtrip, Anne-Sophie Brändlin and Ruth Krause found out what it truly meant to travel in an environmentally friendly way. This involved some unusual means of clean transport - like rickshaws, a solar boat and e-cars.

Along their 10-day journey, the climate road-trippers met with and documented the work of 14 "climate heroes": regular people taking climate action.

European citizens aren't waiting for governments to solve global warming - they're already taking action themselves. From activists living in tree houses defending ancient forests from expansion of the largest open-pit mine in Europe; to music festivals powered by clean energy in a converted coal mine in Ferropolis; to fishing plastic out of canals and reducing food waste in Amsterdam - climate heroes shared their success stories, and demonstrated how small changes can make a big difference.

Anne-Sophie Brändlin und Ruth Krause in Berlin (Photo: Guido Borgers)

Climate road-trippers Anne-Sophie Brändlin (left) und Ruth Krause (right) started their 10-day journey in Berlin

On the road to Paris, Ruth and Anne-Sophie spoke not only with climate activists, but also with businesspeople and policymakers about what needs to be done for a more climate-resilient world. They met with and interviewed high-ranking politicians who will have a say in the climate talks, including German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and French COP21 delegate Philipp Lacoste.

The broad strokes of this experience were reported chronologically in the live blog "Berlin to Paris: Roadtripping with a low-carbon twist." Other multimedia content included a special thematic edition of DW's environmental radio show Living Planet dedicated to the #climateroadtrip.

On this special DW site "Green, creative, successful: Meet Europe's climate heroes," we invite you to explore all that Anne-Sophie and Ruth learned. And, of course, to meet some of Europe's climate heroes!

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