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A young man with short brown hair (Abdulah Hodzic) smiles as he holds a camera in his right hand
Abdulah Hodzic Image: privat

Abdulah Hodzic

Journalist, author and reporter for DW's Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Service

Abdulah Hodzic is a young content creator with diverse experience in the field of multimedia: journalism, photography, video and animation.

Abdulah began working with DW in 2022 as a participant in the "Balkan Booster" youth project, which has since been renamed "Youth Newsroom." As part of this program, he works with DW correspondents from the Western Balkans to create regional content.

So, why did he decide to work for Deutsche Welle? "I value the opportunity to work on news and stories that are not just relevant, but also provide context for a broader target group perspective," he says.