A cinema in a backpack | Africa on the Move | DW | 15.07.2015
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Africa on the Move

A cinema in a backpack

One young South African entrepreneur has set up a cinema service which screens movies in a part of the continent where there's no tradition of going to the cinema.

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South Africa: Cinema service on wheels

Calvin Phaala carries everything he needs to screen movies right in his backpack: a projector, speakers, a laptop and a tablet computer.

Phaala and 13 others are part of a project designed to bring movies to the countryside using new mobile technologies. In many villages few residents are able to afford the bus ticket to get to the nearest cinema. Now the cinema comes to them.

Phaala sees this as a great opportunity to build up a sustainable business. Add to the mix some of his mother's homemade hotdogs and the movie-goers are in for an enjoyable night of food, films and fun.

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