8 movies honoring journalists on World Press Freedom Day | Film | DW | 03.05.2016
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8 movies honoring journalists on World Press Freedom Day

2015 proved to be a dangerous year for many journalists, including 72 who were killed. On World Press Freedom Day, we're honoring those who've fought to tell tough but true stories with these films showcasing their work.

Freedom of the press is still a long way off for journalists working in many countries. Freely-reported news and information is inaccessible to nearly half of the world's population according to the non-profit Reporters Without Borders.

As the media landscape changes, so, too, do the threats that reporters and media makers the world over face. In 2015, those threats proved fatal for 72 colleagues who were killed for their work in countries around the world, including Syria, Bangladesh, France and Mexico, as The Committee to Protect Journalists reported.

That's why it's so important on World Press Freedom Day (3.5.2016) and every other day to honor those journalists doing the hard investigative work on topics like corruption, politics and human rights. From the reporters who blew the cover off the Watergate scandal leading to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon in 1974 portrayed in "All the President's Men" to the modern-day heroes in Afghanistan and Bangladesh portrayed in the documentaries "Frame By Frame" and "Razor's Edge," the journalists featured in these films have shown the struggles many of our colleagues have faced while getting the story.

Check out these films to get an inside look at the fight for freedom of expression that continues in many countries even today.

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