50 Years of the Bundeswehr | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 11.11.2005
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50 Years of the Bundeswehr


Defending Germany

The German Army, or Bundeswehr, has gone through many changes and has faced many diverse challenges since its formation in 1955.

Born from tense discussions over the remilitarization of West Germany after World War II and conceived as a force firmly anchored in democracy, the Bundeswehr was the backbone of NATO's conventional defense in Central Europe throughout the latter half of the 20th century as the West's front-line force in the Cold War.

Since 1990, the Bundeswehr has seen active service overseas in Kosovo as well peacekeeping missions and disaster relief in Afghanistan, the Ivory Coast and Aceh, among others places.

As the Bundeswehr celebrates 50 years of existence, DW-WORLD looks at the history of the army and its evolution from a fledgling military force to international troubleshooter.

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