5 ideas for anyone who gets bored by traditional yoga | High Five | DW | 04.09.2018
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High Five

5 ideas for anyone who gets bored by traditional yoga

Yoga on a mat? How boring! New trends that add interesting twists to the art of yoga continue to pop up. Have you ever tried yoga with goats?

Over the past few years, yoga has emerged as one of the most popular sports. Almost three million people regularly attend yoga lessons in Germany alone. So it's not surprising that some of the initial thrill has vanished. That's why some yoga fans are trying to pimp their asanas by creating an eccentric ambiance, or by resorting to ribbons, surf boards or even goats.

In fact, yoga with these headstrong animals is becoming increasingly popular with yogis all over the world. The trend originated recently in the US where it was invented by yoga teacher Laney Morse on her farm in Oregon.

Now, yogis eager to try out so-called goat yoga are queuing up in front of farm houses across the US and Europe.

The concept behind it is incredibly simple. A lawn or a stable is turned into a yoga studio. Participants are permitted to get to know the goats before the lesson starts. During the lesson, the goats freely move around amidst the yogis.

While the humans are positioning themselves in the cobra or the dog posture, the goats nibble at the mats, or they might even try to climb onto the yogis.

While the goats might distract or even disturb the participants, goat yoga is more about being soothed than doing a perfect sun salutation. That makes goat yoga not just a sport, but also a therapy.

Click through the gallery above for more creative ways to boost your yoga routine.


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