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10 Brothers Grimm fairy tales you should know

August 30, 2017

The Grimm brothers left an astounding legacy. From well-known stories like Snow White to lesser-known tales, here are our favorite Grimm stories - and some things you may not have known about them.

Frog prince
Image: picture-alliance/blickwinkel/McPhoto

Born in the city of Kassel in the 18th century, Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm documented hundreds of folktales from all over Europe. They were linguists, scholars, and researchers of German language and mythology, yet they lived most of their lives as underpaid academics - and likely never realized their work would someday reach world fame.

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While fairy tales like "Rapunzel" and "Snow White" may be familiar, the stories behind the tales may not be. Here are some tales worth a second read. 

Explore the gallery below for more German children's classics you can read in English. And you'll find more from Meet the Germans on YouTube or at dw.com/MeettheGermans.

Sarah Hucal
Sarah Hucal Freelance Multimedia Journalist