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DW Zulfikar Abbany
Image: Ayse Tasci/DW

Zulfikar Abbany

Writer, editor, presenter and storyteller focuses on science and European politics and life

Zulfikar is a sucker for stories. Always anti-jargon, he aims to communicate ideas with depth yet simplicity, so we can all make informed choices about our futures.

From rock stars to geologists, Zulfikar Abbany has been on an untraditional trek through the media since he left his native London. Starting as a rock photographer and literary critic, Zulfikar has reported on everything from sports to military coups and the idiosyncrasies of Pacific politics. He's done radio, read the TV news, presented panels and events, developed content for Voice technology and innovative storytelling. But it's plain old words that got him into journalism, and the hope of inspiring debate about new ideas. 

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