Wulff rejects legal deal over corruption allegations | News | DW | 09.04.2013
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Wulff rejects legal deal over corruption allegations

Germany's former President Christian Wulff has rejected an offer from prosecutors to dismiss corruption allegations against him in exchange for a fine. He has instead vowed to fight on to clear his name in court.

The ex-president announced on Tuesday he could not accept the conditions of the out of court settlement put forward by prosecutors in Hanover.

Wulff instead opted to continue legal proceedings in a bid to be formally cleared of corruption allegations which forced his resignation in February last year, his lawyers said in a statement.

"We as defense lawyers trust that at the end of these proceedings there will be a decision that will fully rehabilitate and clear President Wulff," the statement said.

It is alleged Wulff received favors from rich friends, including luxury hotel stays from film producer David Groenewold, whom he helped by lobbying for cinema project grants.

The case against Wulff centers around full or partial payments Groenewold made at three expensive hotels in 2007 and 2008, on the northern German island of Sylt and the southern city of Munich.

Speigel Online reported last month that Hanover prosecutors offered Wulff and Groenewold the opportunity to settle and accept a fine of up to 50,000 euros ($65,000).

German law allows cases that are in the public interest, but are not especially severe, to be settled out of court, although a person is not legally cleared of any wrongdoing.

The case is part of a wider political corruption probe involving Wulff, involving a discounted home loan he accepted from the partner of a wealthy business friend.

ccp/mz (AP, dpa)