World in Progress : Fears and Revivals   | World| Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 03.02.2021
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World in Progress : Fears and Revivals  

Why Uighurs in Turkey still don't feel safe - How African migrants are reviving churches in Morocco - Crowdfunded radio stations in Poland - Mille Cafés reviving rural France 

Listen to audio 29:59

Uighurs Turkey 

Even after fleeing China, many Uighurs abroad still don’t feel safe. That's the case for Uighurs in Turkey. They're worried that China and Turkey’s extradition agreement could affect Uighurs in exile, and they fear they could be deported to China once Turkey ratifies the treaty and further expands its relations with China.

Report: Karin Senz / Presenter: Andreas Becker 

Morocco revived Churches 

Less than one percent of Moroccans are Christians. And most church services used to be rather empty, with only a few believers sitting in the pews – most of them, elderly Europeans. But in recent years, an increasing number of Christians from African countries have migrated to Morocco. And before the Coronavirus restrictions limited attendance, church services were full, with several hundreds of believers. 

Report: Dunja Sadaqi  / Presenter: Anne Sophie Brändlin  

Polish Media Crowdfunding 

Recently, two new independent radio stations have gone on the air in Poland, entirely funded through crowdfunding. They were set up by journalists, who left a popular but state controlled music and current affairs station last year, in protest against mounting censorship by the ruling party. The two ventures are described by media analysts as a commercially viable success. But dark clouds are gathering over the Polish media scene with the government planning to take over some private media outlets. 

Report: Julian Berner 

Mille Cafés France 

Rural communities are losing their bakeries, shops and restaurants – and young people are leaving. But in France, the "Mille Cafés" – or "1000 Cafés" – initiative aims to break this vicious cycle and breathe new life into these villages by opening up multi-service cafés. 

Report: Marcel Wagner /  Presenter: Ineke Mules.