World in Progress: 1.5 disasters a day by 2030? | World | Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 27.04.2022

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World in Progress: 1.5 disasters a day by 2030?

We are in a spiral of self-destruction, the UN warned this week. If we keep going on the current trajectory, the world is set to face 1.5 disasters a day – or 560 a year, by 2030. The bottom line is: We are severely underestimating the risks and are doing too little to protect ourselves. DW speaks to Ricardo Mena, Director of the UN's Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.

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The report "Our World at Risk: Transforming Governance for A Resilient Future" looks at different types of disasters such as floods, droughts, storms, earthquakes and epidemics.