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Word of the Week: Arschbombe

Dulguun Batmunkh / nm August 8, 2016

Mind the splash! This funny German word could get you wet. But on a hot summer day, you probably won't mind.

A boy jumping into the pool
Image: Fotolia/f/2.8 by ARC

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It's summer, the sun is shining, and for most people that means heading to the pool. Besides swimming of course, public swimming facilities are a great place for people watching. And, frankly, it's quite easy to spot those who are preparing for an Arschbombe. This is the person who usually hangs back a little from the pool's edge, waiting for their chance to strike.

Now, an Arschbombe - literally, butt bomb - does not refer to a particular form of explosives. Nor does it have anything to do with, um, flatulence. Nevertheless, it can be very impactful.

When the time is ripe, the Arschbombe-planner runs, jumps high into the air, and pulls their knees into their chest. For the average butt bomber it doesn't matter how their rear hits the water, as long as the collision makes as much noise as possible and leaves the other people around the pool soaking wet.

There's also a special breed of butt bomber, known as the "splashdiver," who performs an artistic routine before their big jump. It goes without saying those with a broader behind have a clear advantage. That's purely a matter of physics.