Win with Euromaxx | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 05.01.2016
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Win with Euromaxx

Five Days, five countries and a prize: Until Saturday we are broadcasting a special edition focusing on European destinations our viewers requested. Tell us your opinion and you will automatically qualify for the drawing

Join Euromaxx on a little trip through parts of Europe and win a handy travel kit consisting of a DW backpack, an Apple ipod shuffle, a flashlight and a pair of stylish headphones. Participating is easy: Just watch the video and tell us what you like about it. Simply fill out the form and you will automatically qualify for the drawing.

I liked the report, because
I did not like the report, because
I would like to ask a question about this

Deadline for entries is January 12, 2016. Our decisions are final. Good luck!

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A bird’s eye view of Berlin

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