Why acidic drinks are bad for your teeth | Healthy Living | DW | 01.05.2017
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Healthy Living

Why acidic drinks are bad for your teeth

It’s not just sugary drinks that are bad for your teeth – acidic drinks can also harm your teeth.

From soda to ice tea to wine, many drinks are naturally acidic. Some drinks also contain added citric acid for flavor. In Europe, citric acid is listed as E330 on food labels. Acids act to dissolve calcium and phosphate, two minerals that strengthen teeth. That can cause the enamel to wear away, which makes your teeth more sensitive and prone to decay. The fuzzy sensation when you’ve consumed an acidic drink is one sign of this. Experts say you should wait half an hour – or better yet, one hour – after consuming acidic food or drink before brushing your teeth. That’s because your saliva contains enzymes that can help repair some of the enamel damage.