Which cities would you like to get to know in a completely new way? | Lifestyle | DW | 29.06.2018

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Which cities would you like to get to know in a completely new way?

Many of the sights in Europe's cities are tourist highlights such as the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But there are a lot of surprises just off the usual visitor paths.

In our series “Europe in a Different Way,” we presented five metropolises - London, Madrid, Berlin, Rome and Paris – away from the normal tourist trails. Which other European city would you like to get to know differently? You may even have an idea which "insider tip" you would like to see!

Perhaps Euromaxx will soon be able to present a continuation of the series “Europe in a Different Way,” for which we will visit the places you have chosen.

We have selected some of European metropolises and want to know which one you would like to discover.

Participation is easy: just click on the city you would like to get to discover from a completely new perspective!











As a thank you, we will be raffling an exclusive Euromaxx wristwatch among all participants.
The deadline for entries is 6 July 2018, 12 noon UTC, and our decision is final. Good luck!