#WhatAmerica: The Interactive Map | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 11.10.2016
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#WhatAmerica: The Interactive Map

Trump vs. Clinton: There's never been an election like this before. DW has been crisscrossing the nation asking voters a simple but big question: What America do you want? Explore their answers on our interactive map.

More than 200 people have told us their hopes, dreams and fears for the superpower they call home - from California in the West to Texas in the South and Florida and New Hampshire in the East.

You can meet them on via our interactive map. Visit Maria Watson who's proudly working at her fruit and vegetable stand near the Mexican border - and hear her powerful rendition of the American Dream.

Meet Bernie Sanders at the Iowa Caucus where he explains his vision of America that inspired millions of his young followers. 

Or look out for Clara Roteta in Miami who came to America from Cuba decades ago and is who's now a passionate supporter of Donald Trump and his anti-immigration campaign.

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#WhatAmerica on the road

Just dive into the map and explore. A set of filters enables you to search by gender, age group, preferred candidate and a dozen different themes that came up in what many people had to say.

You can search for women who support Trump. Or young people who worry about getting an education. Or Clinton supporters who are concerned about America's struggles with race. Or Trump supporters who want a strong America. Or any other combination you like.

There are countless different ways to explore. So have fun! And make sure you also check out our #WhatAmerica Goes Global page where people from all over the world have their say.

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