What outfit do you wear to work? | Euromaxx | DW | 17.05.2019
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What outfit do you wear to work?

Waiters and waitresses used to be inconspicuous, but now top restaurants are getting fashion designers in to dress their staff. Presenting gastronomical fashion that is both exclusive and practical at the same time.

A stylish ambience is part of many restaurants. Especially at top-class establishments, everything from the furnishings and décor to the tableware are perfectly coordinated. But the waiters’ and cooks’ somewhat nondescript working dress did not fit into the picture at all. But that's now all changing. More and more restaurants are focusing on designer fashion – to the delight of employees and customers alike. 

We want to know from our viewers: What do you wear to work?

Send us a photo of yourself in your working clothes. Do you wear a classic suit or dress? Or a boiler suit and hard hat? Or jeans and sneakers?

We are looking forward to your answers. As a thank-you, we raffling an exclusive Euromaxx design wristwatch amongst all the participants. 

The closing date for entries is 24 May 2019, 12:00 UTC. Our decision is final. Good luck. 



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