Wetterumschwung | Word of the Week | DW | 28.02.2012
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Word of the Week


Feeling a bit under the weather? Maybe it's ... the weather.

Germans, it seems, often complain of minor ailments, like headaches, back pain or joint pain. They may well have a reputation for being prone to complaining - but these mini maladies usually have a completely legitimate cause, namely Wetterumschwung, literally "change in weather."

You may not have been aware that a sudden sunny streak or rain shower could be so dangerous for your health. But, indeed, a knee operation you had 10 years ago may suddenly start aching when the temperature dips, or a headache may come on when the mercury soars. In Germany, this is so common that the Wetterschwung is often blamed first when someone brings up any kind of ache or pain.

So, next time you experience a twinge in the toe you broke years back, look out the window to see whether clouds are moving in.

Author: Jessie Wingard
Editor: Kate Bowen

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