Westbam, Celebrity DJ | guest list | DW | 14.10.2013
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guest list

Westbam, Celebrity DJ

Maximilian Lenz, alias Westbam, is a well-known DJ on the international techno scene. For 30 years the 48 year old has been playing his electronic beats at rave events around the world.

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Westbam, Celebrity DJ

On Talking Germany the native Westphalian reveals the art of writing a rave hymn and talks about his latest album “Götterstrasse” featuring numerous international stars.

Maximilian Lenz was born in Münster in 1965. His father was a professor of art, his mother taught it. Maximilian himself applied to art school after finishing school but was turned down. Instead he moved to Berlin and began studying Catholic theology. But he also threw himself into the city's nightlife, DJing at the trendy "Metropol" club and experimenting with electronic sounds to create what he called "Record Art." It was the mid-1980s and 'sampling' was becoming increasingly popular. He eventually hit the big time as a DJ, gaining international fame with memorable appearances at high-profile events such as the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games, where he was sent by the Goethe Institute. In 1991 he co-produced the first Mayday and played a key role in the emerging rave scene. He's the only DJ to have played at every single Love Parade. He's recorded tracks for the European soccer championship josted by Belgium and the Netherlands and on his latest record, "Götterstraße," he invited a host of illustrious musicians to join him - including Iggy Pop. Maximilian Lenz is married and has two children, and lives in Berlin's fashionable Prenzlauer Berg district.

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