Werner Aisslinger, Designer | guest list | DW | 02.12.2013
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guest list

Werner Aisslinger, Designer

49-year-old Werner Aisslinger is one of Germany's highest-profile designers. His works have found their way into many top museums the world over, among them New York City's Museum of Modern Art.

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Werner Aisslinger, Designer

Born in Nördlingen, Bavaria, he's made his home in Berlin. To him, product design means above all technological progress. On Talking Germany, Werner Aisslinger discusses his vision of how we'll be living in the future.

The Loftcube, designed in 2003 by Werner Aisslinger, is a 39m2 mobile residence. It has since become a trendsetter for modular living. The New York Times described the prototype as a radical, future-oriented concept for the big-city lifestyle. An invitation to the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice was soon to follow. In January, 2014 the respected architecture journal "A&W Architektur&Wohnen" will be honoring Werner Aisslinger as Designer of the Year in recognition of his life's work. Aisslinger’s creations serve as vehicles in his constantly search for solutions for the major issues of the future. One example is his design for a kitchen where food is grown as well as cooked. He uses innovative materials with a view to saving resources and extending products' service lives. These days, Werner Aisslinger shuttles from continent to continent. With more and more of his clients coming from Asia, he has set up a small project office in Singapore. He jets around the world two or three days a week, and the rest of the time, he lives and works close to his two children in Berlin.

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