Werder Bremen | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 08.08.2006
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Werder Bremen

Bremen top the league and have by far and away the best goal difference. They've hammered opponents thus far, making it look all so elegantly easy in the process. So is there any reason not to like Werder for the title?

Werder are one big happy family right now. But are they one to bring home silverware?

Werder are one big happy family right now. But are they one to bring home silverware?

Maybe. With Mohamed Zidan off to Mainz and Ivan Klasnic undergoing a kidney transplant, Bremen suddenly look uncharacteristically thin up front. Time will tell whether Sweden's Markus Rosenberg is an adequate replacement.

Top scorer Miroslav Klose and superlative playmaker Diego should be able to pick up much of the slack. But injuries to either one of them could dramatically stall Werder's goal-scoring machine.

What's more, given the amount of goals they've notch up, they should be much further ahead in the standings. If they can get more out of players like Tim Borowski, who disappointed early on, and learn how to win the close games as well as the blow-outs, there's no reason Bremen can't pick up their fifth league championship. But they may regret not doing more to improve during the winter break.

The Roster

Goal: Andreas Reinke, Tim Wiese, Kasper Jensen, Christian Vander

Defense: Petri Pasanen, Naldo, Pierre Wome, Clemens Fritz, Patrick Owomoyela, Florian Mohr, Christian Schulz

Midfield: Frank Baumann, Jurica Vranjes, Diego, Daniel Jensen, Torsten Frings, Tim Borowski, Peter Niemeyer,

Strikers: Miroslav Klose, Aaron Hunt, Ivan Klasnic, Hugo Almeida, Jerome Polenz, Markus Rosenberg

(as of January 2007)

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