Weblog Prize Against Censorship | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 10.03.2005
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Weblog Prize Against Censorship

The human rights group Reporters Without Borders is looking for the best Weblogs that fight for freedom of press and opinion. DW-WORLD supports the project.


Reporters Without Borders is looking for best Weblogs

Censorship is more difficult on the World Wide Web, but nevertheless it is occurring all the time, all around the globe. One area that remains free of the eyes, ears and hands of censors are the so-called Weblogs, a kind of Internet diary in which individuals write comment about events that affect them.

Best Blogs sought

Internet China

Reporters Without Borders has now started a competition to look for the best Weblogs on the Internet. The main criterion for entry is that the site must deal primarily with press freedom. Reporters Without Borders was particularly inspired by the success of the prize "Best of the Blogs" sponsored by Deutsche Welle last year. DW-WORLD is a media partner of the current award and will help to locate and nominate the best Blogs that fight for freedom of the press.

Internetcafe in Riad

Any Blog is eligible with no restrictions on language or country. The only demand is that the site not be maintained by an NGO or official government. Even journalist blogs are eligible. Requirements for the contest are simple. The site must have been online for at least six months and it must be updated regularly. Entrants must keep their sites on programs like TypePad, blogger.com and blogspirit on the Internet. Exceptions are possible.

If you think your blog or another one can take the prize, write Reporters Without Borders directly:


And don't forget to include your Blog's address and a short description. Good luck!

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