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Means "people's festival" and is a large event in Germany which usually combines a beer festival or wine festival and a travelling funfair. The well-known Oktoberfest is a big Volksfest that occurs yearly in Munich.

Many Volksfest have a long tradition and feature a variety of events like parades in historical costumes or traditional shooting competitions. Attractions may include amusement rides, games of chance and skill, and food and merchandise vendors. One of the oldest Volksfests in Germany is the Lullusfest in Bad Herfeld. In Bavaria especially, it is common during the Volksfest for people to wear the Tracht, or traditional outfit, such as Lederhosen and white or chequered shirts for men, and the Dirndl dresses for women. Admission to a Volksfest and the beer tents is free however you have to pay for each ride or game separately. A Volksfest usually takes place in a special location. Some of these sites are well known such as the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart and Theresienwiese in Munich; however there are some Volksfest events which take place partly in the streets of towns. As the Volkfest is temporary in nature, most mechanical attractions, games and beer tents are assembled in the weeks or months prior to the start of the festival, and dismantled once it is over. This is an automatic compilation of DW content pertaining to "Volksfest".