Venezuela′s Broken Health System | DocFilm | DW | 23.06.2019
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Venezuela's Broken Health System

Imagine running a pharmacy and having to send away your customers empty-handed. Imagine being a doctor paid so little you can’t make ends meet. Imagine having cancer and hoping they’ll soon get a shipment of the medication you need, before the disease starts spreading again.

Watch video 42:36

This portrait of two patients, a doctor in training, an activist medication smuggler and a pharmacist on the verge of bankruptcy gives human faces to the medical crisis in Venezuela. Abandoned by the politicians, they seek everyday solutions for problems that are way outside their control. They also reenact the impossible dilemmas they face in staged scenes that expose their devastating emotional effects. More and more doctors are fleeing abroad, and medicine is so scarce that patients go looking for the relatives of people who died of the same disease they have in the hope they’ll still have some left. It’s a situation that inspired a presenter on state radio to declare that "There’s a great sense of solidarity in the country.”