US TV show casts Black actress to play ′Batwoman′ | News | DW | 09.07.2020
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US TV show casts Black actress to play 'Batwoman'

Javicia Leslie will play the lead role in the US series "Batwoman." This is the first time a Black woman will portray the superhero in live-action television or film.

A Black actress will portray the role of comic book superhero Batwoman, a first for the character in live-action television or film. 

Javicia Leslie will be seen leading in the second season of the US TV show "Batwoman," slated for release in January.

Leslie, who is also a bisexual, is taking over the role from Australian actress Ruby Rose — the first openly lesbian lead superhero on US television.

"I am extremely proud to be the first Black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television, and as a bisexual woman, I am honored to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community," Leslie said in a statement published by DC Comics. 

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Leslie's casting is the latest in the push by in Hollywood to diversify the depiction of comic book superheroes.

In 2018, Nicole Maines a transgender woman played the role of the first transgender superhero in the CW series "Supergirl."

Marvel's first gay superhero will debut in "The Eternals," set to release in February next year. 

The movie will also see Kumail Nanjiani as the first Pakistani superhero in a mainstream Hollywood production.


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