US police officer shot one day after swearing-in | News | DW | 28.02.2016
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US police officer shot one day after swearing-in

Just one day after she joined the Prince William County police in Virginia, the officer was shot dead while responding to a call. A capital murder charge has been lodged against the accused.

A police officer in the US state of Virginia was killed late Saturday just a day after being sworn in to the service, authorities said. A civilian woman was also killed after police officers responded to reports of a domestic dispute at a home in the town of Woodbridge.

The Prince William County Police Department announced via its Facebook page that Officer Ashley Guindon had died from injuries sustained after an altercation between the suspect and police began inside the house. There has been no official comment on how the situation escalated.

A civilian woman was also killed in the incident before police managed to arrive at the scene. The condition of the other two officers who responded to the call is not yet known, but three people were reportedly flown to the hospital.

The suspect, a member of the military, was uninjured and in police custody, according to a department spokesman.

Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert told the Associated Press news agency that he had signed off on a capital murder charge against the suspect, along with counts involving the initial domestic argument.

Guindon had been a county police officer once before, and had only just returned to the force on Friday.

es/jlw (AP, Reuters)

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