UN sanctions Haqqani Network | News | DW | 06.11.2012
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UN sanctions Haqqani Network

The United Nations Security Council has issued sanctions against the Pakistan-based Haqqani Network. The militant group is accused of carrying out a number of deadly attacks in the region.

The UN ordered global sanctions against the group Monday, as well as against its chief organizer Qari Zakir.

"Today's action by the Security Council … confirms the international community's resolve to end the Haqqani Network's ability to execute violent attacks in Afghanistan," said US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice (pictured above).

"These sanctions oblige all UN member states to implement an asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo against Zakir and the Haqqani Network," added Rice.

Suspected terrorism links

The US put the Haqqani Network on its terror blacklist in September, and the State Department added Zakir to its list of terror suspects Monday.

American officials have accused Pakistan of supporting the group, but Islamabad denies the allegations.

According to the UN, the group is linked to al Qaeda and a string of militant groups in Pakistan. They have been blamed for attacks on the Afghan government and NATO targets, as well as kidnappings and murders.

Rice said operatives trained by Zakir attacked two targets in Kabul: the Intercontinental Hotel in 2011 - killing 11 civilians and two police officers - and the US embassy - killing 16 Afghans, at least six of whom were children.

dr/jm (AFP, Reuters, AP)