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Uganda: Controversial Crude Oil Pipeline

October 7, 2022

Along the shores of Uganda’s Lake Albert, huge deposits of crude oil have been discovered that TotalEnergies and the Chinese state-run company, CNOOC want to tap.

Uganda Fischerdorf am Albert See

Starting in 2025, oil should be flowing through a pipeline that’s not yet built, from Lake Albert in Western Uganda, across nature reserves, past Lake Victoria, and all the way to the Tanzanian coastline. Environmental and human rights activists are horrified.


Also on Eco Africa:


DW Eco Africa-Sendung 11.02.2022
Image: DW

Ghana: Technology to Enhance Livestock Health

Livestock production is a major source of income and food security for many farmers in Ghana. But feed and water shortages along with diseases and parasites pose challenges. Peter Awin hopes mobile technology can help farmers reduce their livestock losses. The social entrepreneur’s team delivers affordable and quality animal health to where it is needed most.


DW Sendung Made in Germany | Biobauer
Image: DW

Germany: Organic Farming with Help from High-tech

Organic farmer Christof Briegel has around a hundred cows. But he wants to work less than his parents. That’s only possible with high-tech: computer chips, milking robots and automated gates. Still, everything’s organic.


 DW Eigendreh aus der Eco Africa Sendung 194
Image: DW

South Africa: Climate Change Causing Weight Loss in Whales

Marine biologists working for the University of Pretoria in Hermanus are tracking the migration of whales to understand how climate change is affecting their routes and feeding patterns, research that is of “paramount importance” according to the whale unit at the Mammal Research Institute. In the past decade, drastic changes have been observed in southern right whale migration, reproduction and body condition, changes that were likely caused by a drop in food supplies in the Southern Ocean due to climate change.



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