Uber driver in India convicted of raping passenger | News | DW | 20.10.2015
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Uber driver in India convicted of raping passenger

A Delhi court has found an Uber driver guilty of assaulting a female passenger. The incident sparked protests against sexual violence and also left the US company reeling from another international controversy.

Following a case that sparked protests against sexual violence and marked yet another stain on the international reputation of the popular US ride-sharing service, a Delhi court on Tuesday convicted an Uber driver of raping his female passenger.

In addition, Shiv Kumar Yadav, who will be sentenced on October 23, was convicted of intimidation, kidnapping and causing harm to the woman's life. He faces up to life imprisonment.

The incident occurred in December as the 25-year-old woman, a finance executive, was returning to her home in the suburbs of New Delhi one evening. She says she fell asleep in the car, after which Yadav pulled over to a remote spot and raped her.

Her experience sparked outrage among many in India, and prompted demonstrations calling for the government to do more to protect women.

Another bump in the road for Uber

The incident marked yet another controversy for the San Francisco-based Uber, which has seen its popularity grow over the years but has also had to deal with foreign governments' increasing criticism of its business practices.

The New Delhi case led the Indian government to temporarily ban the ride-sharing service, accusing it of failing to perform proper safety checks after it was discovered Yadav had a history of sexual assault.

Uber, which began its India operation in September 2013, has since resumed rides in the city.

blc/cmk (AFP, dpa, AP)

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