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In Good Shape

The Health Show

Symbolbild Menopause Wechseljahre Hitzewallung Leid Gesundheit

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Hormone therapy

The body's hormone production changes in middle age. Women produce less estrogen; in men testosterone levels go down. That can have unpleasant effects. In Good Shape talks with Dr. Joachim Spranger about how doctors can help and whether hormone replacement therapy is suitable. And: ways of recognizing atrial fibrillation in time, and how holistic medicine can help relieve pain.

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  • 19.07.2018 | 16:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 21.07.2018 | 17:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 22.07.2018 | 12:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 23.07.2018 | 00:30 on DW (English)‎
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Heartburn involves a frequent burning sensation in the chest area and regurgitating gastric acid. Acid reflux occurs when gastric acid enters the esophagus. In Good Shape talks to Prof. Marc H. Jansen about the causes of heartburn and how it can be treated. Plus: Acupressure - can it help with everyday complaints? And: Nutcracker syndrome - what are the causes?

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Broadcast times

  • 26.07.2018 | 16:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 28.07.2018 | 17:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 29.07.2018 | 12:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 30.07.2018 | 00:30 on DW (English)‎
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