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Women in Asia

Her – Women in Asia Folge 6 (body and mind)

Latest edition

Body and Mind

They take care of their families, their households and often maintain jobs simultaneously. That’s why many women forget that they also need to take care of their own health and wellbeing. Asia offers traditions dating back thousands of years, such as yoga or traditional Chinese medicine. In this HER episode, three women share their path to happiness through health and nutrition.

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Broadcast times

  • 07.08.2021 | 10:15 on DW English‎
  • 07.08.2021 | 20:15 on DW English‎
  • 08.08.2021 | 01:15 on DW English‎
  • 08.08.2021 | 16:15 on DW English‎
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Meet women across South Asia who are breaking stereotypes and voicing their opinions loud and clear. Get ready for HER - great stories about stepping up, health, depression, dating, beauty and marriage filled with twists, turns and feeling.