TV magazine PopXport celebrates 10 years on the pulse of the music scene | Press Releases | DW | 14.01.2014
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Press Releases

TV magazine PopXport celebrates 10 years on the pulse of the music scene

PopXport, the German music magazine, celebrates its ten year anniversary in January. Each week, the DW program presents highlights from the German music scene.

The half-hour show is produced in English, German and Spanish, presenting top singers and bands in Germany while showcasing new trends and key music events. Each edition includes video clips of current hits and pop classics as well as an overview of new releases and the latest information about Germany's music scene. Big names and big hits are a mainstay, but PopXport also presents newcomers: Every month, the show features a portrait of a promising new act from Germany.


Markus Schultze is an experienced music presenter and a passionate musician himself

The anniversary edition running this week looks back at PopXport's decade-long success story. German viewers can watch the show on January 14 on Einsfestival, public broadcaster ARD's digital channel. The presenter this time is Markus Schultze, who also presented the show's very first broadcast. The former MTV presenter and musician initially shared duties with MTV colleague Anastasia Zampounidis and, later, with Catherine Vogel. Nadine Vasta and Janin Reinhardt joined the show as presenters in early 2012, both after stints with music broadcaster VIVA. At age 27, Vasta is among Deutsche Welle's youngest TV presenters. "PopXport is sophisticated, youthful and lively. The show stands for what's cool in Germany," she said.

Rolf Rische, head of the Society and Documentaries department, has been in charge of PopXport since the show's beginning. "The format fits in perfectly with the mission of Germany's international broadcaster. Each week, we show our viewers and users that there are interesting artists and bands here in Germany," he said.

The show's managing director, Reiner Schild, is pleased that PopXport has many fans, saying, "The positive feedback from our viewers proves that the show is on the pulse of the times."

08.2013 DW PopXport Moderatorin Nadine Vasta

At 27, Nadine Vasta is one of the youngest of DW's presenters

Spotify playlist

Many of Deutsche Welle's partner broadcasters worldwide include the show in their programming. It's also a hit on social media, and the PopXport team puts together a weekly playlist on Deutsche Welle's YouTube channel. With 40,000 fans on Facebook, the PopXport page is among the most popular among DW's TV magazines. As of this year, the music magazine has partnered with streaming service Spotify, publishing a playlist updated weekly with chart hits, new music tips and German classics.

PopXport has won numerous international television prizes. It has twice earned Gold Remi Awards at the WorldFest International Film Festival Houston. At the New York Festivals, the format was honored with a certificate of excellence. The show's audio design comes courtesy of the famed German DJ and electro musician Paul van Dyk.

The show has long had close ties to the German music industry. From 2005 to 2010, the PopXport team worked with the music trade fair Popkomm and from 2011, they have cooperated with Berlin Music Week, where PopXport is behind a concert featuring top acts each year. Since 2009, the music magazine has served as the media partner for Initiative Musik, an institution that fosters musical talent with support from the German federal government and the music industry.

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10 Years of PopXport - Looking Back

Congratulations from musicians and fans

PopXport also enjoys a great reputation among German bands and performers. Musicians such as Revolverheld, Scorpions, Tim Bendzko, Thees Uhlmann, Doro Pesch, Jaqee, Sebastian Sturm and Udo Dirkschneider sent anniversary congratulations. Some even got in front of the camera to send a video greeting, like the band Jennifer Rostock: "We wish you all the best for another 100,000 years. Congratulations on your anniversary and a kiss from all of us!" Many viewers and fans around the world have written in to say what the show means to them. Their video messages and well wishes can be seen in the anniversary edition of the show or on the PopXport Facebook page.

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