Turning your old tomato tins into a pretty pen holder | Global Ideas | DW | 09.08.2017
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Doing your own bit

Turning your old tomato tins into a pretty pen holder

If you take a look through the trash, chances are you'll find a couple of old tins. They're easy to recycle, but even easier to upcycle. Look, listen and find out how to make a pen pot. Homework just got prettier.

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Video: Upcycling old tins

Here's what you will need: some old tins, scraps of material that are long and wide enough to wrap right around the tin. Glue. Scissors. Ribbons for decoration.

Start off with one tin and one piece of material.

Smear glue all around the outside of the tin.

Put the tin on the fabric.

Then cut your fabric along the top and bottom so they're both about a centimeter longer than the tin.

Roll the tin up in the fabric until it is completely covered.

Glue the edge and stick it down.

Put glue on the centimeter of material hanging over the top of the tin.

Go round the edge sticking it down inside.

Turn the tin over, glue the fabric at the bottom.

Stick it down. You have to press quite hard.

Use more glue if it doesn't do what you want it to.

Once you've stuck it all down, that's one almost finished.

Wrap a piece of ribbon around it, if you want to. I think it looks pretty.

And if you really want to, you can stick a dried flower under the ribbon.  You can either leave it like that, or you can do two more tins…

Once you've finished all three, you just tie them together with a piece of string.

And put your pens in them… time to do my homework now.

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