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Travel tips for the Black Forest

Andreas Kirchhoff / kfMarch 4, 2016

For a special winter edition of DW's travel show Discover Germany presenter Nicole Frölich visits a snowy Black Forest in southern Germany. She’s got a full itinerary, including climbing the highest local Peak.

Deutschland Schwarzwald Drehreise
Image: DW/A. Kirchhoff

If you want to experience some of the best that winter has to offer then a good place to start is Titisee. Here you'll find hotels suited for all budgets and, on the waterfront, you can find dozens of shops where you don't have to be embarrassed if you want to buy a cuckoo clock or even one of the local hats.

And as if that wasn't enough, the winter sports area of Feldberg is just around the corner. It's home to the highest peak in the area at just shy of 1500 meters.

Deutschland Schwarzwald Drehreise
Kitsched Out - Souvenir Shops in TitiseeImage: DW/A. Kirchhoff


If it's skiing you want then the pistes around the Feldberg are definitely what you're looking for. The local ski pass covers eight different skiing areas offering a combined total of 63 kilometers. Bear in mind that weather conditions are changeable, so if it’s misty then the blue runs are just right.

Anyone looking to try some sledding is also in luck here: 35 different runs testing the skills of beginners and the advanced alike. The longest is over three kilometers from the Feldberg down into the valley below.

Cross-country skiing is popular throughout the whole area, especially the routes near the village of St Märgen. Here skaters will also enjoy the chance to stretch their legs. Don't miss the floodlit evenings on offer twice a week.

Deutschland Schwarzwald Drehreise
Sledding in adverse conditions - wet snow in AltglasshüttenImage: DW/A. Kirchhoff


The best shopping is to be found in the souvenir stores along the shores of Titisee. From Black Forest cake in a can to a myriad of cuckoo clocks in all shapes and sizes, there's no shortage of souvenirs here.

And for those who want to learn more about Black Forest cuckoo clocks then what could be better than a visit to the museum dedicated to local craft at the St Märgen Monastery. The exhibits include early exemplars from the 17 century as well as export models originally intended for the Ottoman Empire.

Deutschland Schwarzwald Drehreise
Three in a lift - how are we going to get down safely in the fog?Image: DW/A. Kirchhoff

Take a break from winter sports and warm up at the House of Nature right next to the lifts. Alongside the current exhibition "Skiing the Black Forest - 125 Years", there is also a lot to learn about the Feldberg Nature Reserve.


Just so we didn't get too hungry on the slopes we took along a few snacks. But you should really make the time to try out Black Forest cake.

We found our favorite at the Café Goldene Krone, St. Märgen. This famous local delicacy can be found in a former prestigious hotel that nearly fell victim to demolition. And the secret behind its success? Don't save on fresh ingredients, lashings of cream or the cherry brandy.

Deutschland Schwarzwald Drehreise
On the Feldberg slopes - make up checkImage: DW/A. Kirchhoff

If it's time for a proper meal, then try the village of Baiersbronn in the northern Black Forest. It's home to three restaurants and a total of 8 Michelin stars.

Resumé: Even though we saw some of the rougher weatherthe region can throw at you we put our trust in the old saying: there’s no such thing as a bad day if you’re properly prepared!