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Toyota announces recall

October 21, 2015

Japan's automaker has announced another mass recall, in a move that could further damage the company's image. Toyota had already recalled millions of vehicles over an airbag defect.

Toyota Company sign
Image: Getty Images/R. Orlowski

Toyota, the world's largest car company, announced on Wednesday it was recalling 6.5 millions vehicles around the world after discovering a problem with the power windows.

Around 2.7 million vehicles in North America and 1.2 million vehicles in Europe are impacted by the problem, a defect with the master's side power switch that presents a fire risk. Among the recalled models are the Yaris, Corolla, Camry and RAV4 made between 2005 and 2010, the AFP news agency reported.

The most recent recall is just one in a string of bumps in the road the auto giant has faced over the past year. Despite record profits in the fiscal year 2014/2015, Toyota has also been forced to issue a series of mass recalls over the past several months, raising questions about the quality of its products.

Earlier this year, the company recalled around 10 million vehicles after several deaths caused by defective airbags produced by the company Takata, the largest auto recall in US history.

In July, Toyota also recalled 625,000 cars over a software glitch that caused its Prius V models to come to a sudden stop.

The company said it has not received reports of any deaths or injuries related to the power-window defect so far.

blc/rg (AFP, Reuters, dpa)