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Tornadoes tear through US Midwest

April 27, 2024

Police say residential areas have been damaged in the US state of Nebraska, with several other states also impacted by tornadoes and cyclones.

Tornado in suburb of Omaha, Nebraska, US
A tornado has caused considerable damage around the Midwestern US state of Nebraska's most populous city, OmahaImage: Chris Gannon/AP Photo/picture alliance

Dozens of tornadoes have hit the US Midwest, with authorities on Saturday warning of more storms.

The CNN broadcaster reported that at least 60 tornadoes and cyclones were reported across five different states on Friday.

The National Weather Service said it expects more bad weather later on Saturday, which may include "very large hail, damaging winds, and multiple strong tornadoes." It said that it was still evaluating the number and strength of the tornadoes.

Omaha police lieutenant Neal Bonacci said that the fire department had completed its search of damaged homes and structures.

Spring tornadoes rip through US Midwest

What damage did the tornadoes cause?

Police said that "numerous houses" in Douglas County, which houses Nebraska's most populous city of Omaha, were damaged by a tornado. Thousands of households were left without electricity due to the storms.

Authorities have not reported any deaths so far and only a few people were injured.

"We've been very fortunate with very few injuries," Omaha Police Chief Todd Schamderer said at a Friday press briefing.

"It seems like our warning systems in the city of Omaha have been effective."

In Lancaster County, which lies southwest of Omaha, around 70 people were rescued from an industrial building that had collapsed in the storm, according to media reports.

Officials also said there had been reports of a tipped-over train near the town of Waverley, some 45 miles (72.5 kilometers) southwest of Omaha.

Officials temporarily suspended aircraft operations at Omaha's Eppley Airfield, although a damage assessment showed that the passenger terminal was not hit, airport authorities said.

Another tornado entered the neighboring state of Iowa, where it caused severe damage in the town of Minden and other small settlements.

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